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  • Long Gone

    Long Gone

    I’ll never forget going to my junior prom.  Ok, maybe I have forgotten what year of high school I was in and what I wore.  I guess I could tell what I wore by the process of elimination.  I have pictures of two of the three proms I attended and I have three dresses.

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  • Posting Late

    Posting Late

    I am getting so far behind in posting my photos to Flickr – Project 365. The weather is just too nice and posting takes more time than I want it to.

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  • Determining Depth of Field

    Determining Depth of Field

    On my belly in the damp grass I had the greatest time shooting what I thought were perfect close-ups of my precious find.  But once uploaded, I realized the DoF was too shallow.  I wanted the entire flower in focus, all the way out to the petals.

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