Key West

Welcome to the website of photographer, Sandra Pipczynski.

I have always wished my eye were a camera, that I may permanently capture an image or memory with the blink of an eye. If only photography could be that easy — see it, capture it.

As a teenager, I used a manual 35mm camera to photograph children and scenery in black and white. But while trying to adjust all the settings, I often missed the shot.

As an adult I became more serious about my photography and my subjects became more creative. I relied on a totally automatic 35mm camera. A few years ago I was given the gift of a digital camera and it wasn’t long before digital photography became my passion.

Digital photography has allowed my work to flourish. Nature photography, including landscapes and macro shots of flowers and wildlife continue to be my preferred subjects. Living in Hadley offers an ideal rural backdrop for me with the ever changing seasons and it’s farming community.

The warm climate lures me down south during the New England winters and I look forward to the beautiful sunsets and flowers, images I take back home with me.

I also visit local college bulb shows, area greenhouses and orchid shows. In the summer, raising monarch butterflies as a hobby keeps me busy and also provides me with a wonderful subject — a newly emerged monarch. I am intrigued by their metamorphosis as well as their amazing migration.

Photographing my monarchs allows me to combine two of my passions and I’m very pleased to be able to share my love of monarchs and nature.